About the Assiad community

About Us

Assembly goals

Building a strong and unified economic structure for businessmen

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Stronger regional economic grouping

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An economic grouping that seeks to reach members to the highest forms of global competition

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Meaning of logo

The five episodes: which represent the members of the elected board of directors.

The intertwining of rings: it expresses the unity and cohesion that brings together businessmen and industrialists.

Blue: indicates strength, loyalty, associated with building and a strong, cohesive structure.

Golden color: Refers to the sophistication, wisdom, generosity, honesty and mutual trust that brings together members of the community.

The task of gathering

The stronger regional economic grouping seeks to reach Arab businessmen and industrialists to the highest forms of global competition and build a strong and unified economic structure


Elected committeesThey are elected by the assembly members

The supreme advisory bodyThe body that makes proposals to the Board of Directors

Elected Board of DirectorsAssembly management

The senior management of the clusterThe senior management of the cluster

The internal summary of the gathering

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